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Kylie® Waterproof Wipe Clean Double Duvet

Kylie® Waterproof Wipe Clean Double Duvet
Kylie® Waterproof Wipe Clean Double Duvet
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The Waterproof Double Duvet 10.5 Tog from Kylie is the Best Waterproof Duvet Available. Premium, wipe clean, breathable protection.

200cm x 200cm

Waterproof Duvet? What's the difference between this and a waterproof duvet cover?

  • Much more comfortable - Soft PU material instead of the PolyEthylene usually used in waterproof duvet covers
  • Easier to clean - Simply wipe it down!
  • Breathable - Fully breathable yet waterproof fabric keeps the users comfortable
  • Less hassle - Don't fumble with washing a waterproof, it's not required!
  • Better protection - Fully encapsulated waterproof protection means no gaps, the duvet never gets wet

When a bed gets wet protecting the mattress is easy. You can use Kylie® Bed Pads or Kylie® Mattress protectors so that a wet bed can be quickly changed. Hygiene problems are avoided as urine never seeps into the mattress, but what about the duvet?

If your duvet gets wet then you will need to wash it, and a double duvet is very difficult to wash and dry. You might have to take it to the launderette. Either way, washing your duvet repeatedly is likely to make it wear out sooner and become less comfortable.

If you have to deal with a wet bed every day in your home then you will be well aware of these problems. You might be looking into waterproof duvet covers, but the problem with those is that they need to be stripped down and washed every time they get wet.

Fully Waterproof Wipe Clean Double Duvet

Imagine that instead of washing a duvet every time it gets wet, or stripping the duvet cover and waterproof cover, washing, drying and then replacing them every day, you could simply remove the duvet cover, wipe the duvet itself clean with an antibacterial spray and put on a fresh duvet cover?

It will save you a lot of time.

The Kylie® Waterproof range of bedding takes the hassle out of bed wetting. You can now buy a fully waterproof wipe clean duvet.

These products are made from extremely soft polyurethane which is also breathable, while being completely waterproof. These products are no less comfortable than a normal foam pillow or duvet.

When the bed gets wet, all you need to do now is strip and wash the duvet cover. The duvet itself can be turned over and wiped with an antibacterial spray and left to dry.

Key Features

  • Highest quality, breathable, waterproof duvet & pillow
  • Made from super soft polyurethane
  • Flame retardant to source 5
  • Finished with impervious fluid proof binding
  • Available in Single or Double size

Who Uses a Waterproof Duvet?

  • Good for kids with bedwetting accidents
  • Good for people with dementia, reduces confusion
  • Used in nursing homes and care environments
  • People with stomas to protect against leaks
  • People that wear incontinence products - even the best pad can leak!

Wipe clean only

Use mild antibacterial spray or dilute soap solution

Do not machine wash

Do not use bleach

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For over 40 years Kylie has been leading the way in washable incontinence care. With a passion for innovation and a determination to provide the greatest in quality and comfort, Kylie has become the leading choice for users and care professionals.

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