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Kylie® Waterproof Duvet

Kylie Waterproof Duvet & Pillow
The Kylie Waterproof range of bedding takes the hassle out of bed wetting. Made of extremely soft polyurethane which is breathable, while being completely waterproof. You will find they are no less comfortable than a normal foam pillow or duvet.
Brand: Kylie® Kanga® Model: IN-BPK-PU-PIL
ITEM CODE. IN-BPK-PU-PILThe Best Waterproof Pillow Available - Premium quality, Wipe Clean, Breathable Protection.Just as comfortable as a normal foam pillow.Easy to clean - Simply wipe it down!Breathable - Fully breathable yet waterproof fabric keeps the users comfortableIt Will save you a lot of t..
Ex Tax:£19.99
Brand: Kylie® Kanga® Model: IN-BPK-PU-DD
ITEM CODE. IN-BPK-PU-DDThe Waterproof Double Duvet 10.5 Tog from Kylie is the Best Waterproof Duvet Available. Premium, wipe clean, breathable protection.200cm x 200cmWaterproof Duvet? What's the difference between this and a waterproof duvet cover?Much more comfortable - Soft PU material instead of..
Ex Tax:£89.99
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