Kylie® Bed Pads | Washable Absorbent Incontinence Sheets New
Kylie® Bed Pads (Kylie® Sheets)The best selling washable bed pads in the UK! ..
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Kylie® Male Washable Absorbent Y-Front Underwear Discreet washable incontinence underwear for m..
Ex Tax: £14.99
Kylie® Lady Washable Incontinence Pants New
Kylie® Lady Classic Washable Absorbent Incontinence Pants Washable incontinence pan..
Ex Tax: £14.99
Kanga® Waterproof PantsThe Ultimate Security and ConfidenceK..
Ex Tax: £12.99

Kylie® & Kanga® Washable Incontinence Products

An attractively designed range of incontinence products to help you feel good, secure and protected.

Kylie® and Kanga® are the UK’s biggest selling washable incontinence products. Trusted by the NHS, nurses, carers and individuals everywhere.

Our products are the best selling reusable incontinence products in the UK. We can help you to feel dignified and secure with our range of high quality underwear for men, women and children.

Kylie® and Kanga® bed and chair protection products will keep you feeling dry all night and your home hygienic.

We are trusted by many thousands of users, carers, healthcare professionals and the NHS. You can now get our products on prescription through NHS continence care services.

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