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Incontinence Pads

Brand: Kylie® Kanga® Model: IN-D-KYL-BP-60X90-F-25
ITEM CODE. IN-D-KYL-BP-60X90-F-25Trusted by incontinence users, nurses and carers for over 40 years, Kylie brings to you the professional choice in disposable incontinence protection.The Kylie Disposable Underpads absorbent surface is designed to quickly lock in fluid and neutralize unpleasant odour..
Ex Tax:£11.95
Brand: Kylie® Kanga® Model: IN-D-KANGAI-MIDI-28
Item No. IN-D-KANGAI-MIDI-28Disposable Absorbent Insert Pads for Kanga® Pouch pants - MidiKanga® Disposable insert pads are to be used within the Kanga® Pouch and DRYtex® range of Incontinence washable underwear.For light to moderate incontinence to provide added protection. Can be used inside ..
Ex Tax:£7.50
Brand: Kylie® Kanga® Model: IN-D-KANGAI-MAXI-30
Item No. IN-D-KANGAI-MAXI-30Disposable Absorbent Insert Pads - MaxiKanga® Disposable insert pads are for light to moderate incontinence to provide added protection. They can be used inside other disposable incontinence products to increase capacity (diaper doublers or nappy boosters).These insert pa..
Ex Tax:£8.50
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