Kylie® & Kanga® Washable Incontinence Products

An attractively designed range of products to help you feel good, secure and protected.

Kylie® and Kanga® are the UK’s biggest selling washable incontinence products. Trusted by the NHS, nurses, carers and individuals everywhere.

Our products are the best selling reusable incontinence products in the UK. We can help you to feel dignified and secure with our range of high quality underwear for men, women and children.

Kylie® and Kanga® bed and chair protection products will keep you feeling dry all night and your home hygienic.

We are trusted by many thousands of users, carers, healthcare professionals and the NHS. You can now get our products on prescription through NHS continence care services.

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Now available from the NHS continence care home delivery service

Kylie® and Kanga® Products Overview

Washable Bed Protection

The Kylie® range of washable bed protection is a cost effective way to manage urinary incontinence. Kylie® is the best selling bed pad in the UK.


Protect beds and keep users comfortable and hygienic all night long with our washable bed pads, mattress protectors and waterproof duvets & pillows.

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Incontinence Underwear

Kylie® and Kanga® pants are like ordinary 100% cotton underwear, but feature built in waterproof layers and absorbent material.



Don’t change anything about your routine, simply try Kylie® or Kanga® Underwear! Available in male, female and children’s designs.

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Incontinence Pads

Kanga® Incontinence Pads give you the confidence to get on with your life. Available as insert pads for the Kanga® Pouch Pants, or as simple rectangular incontinence pads.


You can now buy washable or disposable pads in the Kanga® range. Washable incontinence pads can save a lot of money!

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Adaptive Clothing

We have introduced a range of adaptive clothing products to help users and carers feel more comfortable, warm and dignified.


We have added cosy Bed Jackets, Open Backed Nighties and Absorbent Aprons to our range, all designed for the needs of our customers.

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Our Most Popular Products

Kylie® Bed Pads – Washable Absorbent Bed Pads

Kylie® Washable Absorbent Bed Pads are the UK’s best selling brand of washable bed pad.

The pad is placed on the top sheet of the bed, the pad has flaps which tuck in under the mattress to keep it in place.

The user sleeps directly on the soft top surface of the pad. Any leaks are drawn inside the pad and away from the user, keeping them comfortable and dry all night.


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Kanga® Waterproof Pants

Kanga® Waterproof Pants offer an extra layer of protection. They can be worn over washable or disposable incontinence products to protect against leaks.

Many of our customers choose to use these over their normal underwear for extra security.

They are made from an extremely thin, lightweight nylon material with a waterproof coating. This makes them very comfortable and discreet.

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Kylie® Male Pants – Washable Incontinence Pants for Men

Kylie® Male are a range of underwear designed for light incontinence in men.

The pants are made from 100% cotton and feature a waterproof lining and absorbent padding.

These pants look like ordinary Y-Fronts but will keep you feeling comfortable and secure all day.

Available in black or white and 5 different sizes we have something for every man.

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